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Mountain Attire Fox Sticker! 


Last year a neighbor of mine had 5 baby foxes born on their property. Every day at the same time the little fox family would wake up and together venture curiously out into the world.


As they grew, we were able to watch them and it was pure joy for us. They were incredibly playful, clever, curious and rambunctious. The parents were quite impressive as well, always hunting and providing for the 5 little ones and keeping the rascals in line!


I had so much fun watching the family dynamics, realizing each one had their own unique personality. This sticker is a tribute to the fox family I grew so fond of. 


These stickers are high quality and perfect for water bottles, laptops, coolers and any other indoor/outdoor accessory you see fit to decorate. Enjoy!


• Sticker size 3.10" x 3.86" 
• Easy peel off

• Waterproof 

• Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate 
• Scratch & weather resistant

Fox Sticker

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