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about the artist


Hi, I’m Mariah, founder and artist of Mountain Attire, I’ve been passionate about art, travel, and exploring nature since childhood. I am particularly inspired by landscapes in Wyoming and the Pacific Northwest, where I spent my formative years. In 2015 I graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA. Now I spend my time adventuring outdoors and trying to capture a wide variety of beautiful mountains and other aspects of outdoor life on canvas.


Art is such a powerful way for people to capture the memories they experience on their adventures. My favorite painting mediums are acrylics, fabric dye, and digital media. I use a combination of these techniques, along with photography, in every piece that I create.


After years of creating large scale oil paintings, I was ready to move to smaller more portable canvases, that fit my mobile lifestyle. I started hand painting a variety of trucker hats with colorful renditions of high mountain scenery. It was love at first hat! Now I get to create art on the go and am able to spend more time adventuring in the mountains. The wild open spaces fill my heart and inspire me to create. 


I feel such joy knowing that everyone who wears one of my custom accessories is wearing a piece of art that embodies my passion for the mountains and the wildness of Wyoming. I am honored when people approach me year after year and share with me that their Mountain Attire hat is their favorite and that they wear it on their daily/or most epic adventures.


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